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The Hidden Gifts of the Flash & Fizzle Creative Way
Where do ideas go, does it matter if we ™ them as ours and is it okay if we don’t finish them? These questions and more we explore in this month’s episode of Creatively Free. My guest, Eryc Eyl is a speaker, coach, and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in making work more human in a variety of industries and organizations. He believes in a world in which work is more than just a four-letter word, but part of path to greater satisfaction, fulfillment, self-actualization, and flourishing. Eryc is also a storyteller, playwright, and DJ. His first book, Stop Engaging Employees: Start Making Work More Human, was published in January 2024.

Check out his work at: https://www.eryceyl.com 

Highlights include:
🌸 How creative expression showed up for Eryc throughout his life and morphed into different formats
🌸 How he views intellectual capital and individuality versus collective good with ideas and content
🌸 What is great about being a starter? What other types are there in terms of seeing ideas through to completion? 
🌸 How he finished his book (Finally) when he is more of a “starter” type
🌸 Ways to be in both vision and lean creation mode so that we actually birth our big ideas and allow for the natural unfolding of what’s next 

Transform Sticky Emotions with Art: Corri Lynn
In this episode of Creatively Free dive into the real and raw space of transforming your emotions with art and crafting a creative career that gives you the space you need to pursue your new creative urges!

My guest Corri Lynne is a children’s book author and illustrator living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with her husband and little dog, Peanut. She is passionate about living authentically and sharing openly about past trauma, addiction, and recovery, to challenge the stigma society still holds for these issues.  She is a lover of all things creative and believes in the power of art to heal and transform. 


Highlights include:

🌸 Her transformational journey of overcoming PTSD and trauma by allowing herself to unblock her creativity and receive support and therapy
🌸 Her creative career as a multi-passionate creative practicing as a stylist and gradually pivoting to deepening her artistic exploration with mindfulness children’s books as author and illustrator
🌸 How art can help us see our inner critic more clearly and overcome it
🌸 Why art does not need to only be beautiful and sellable 
🌸 What the responses have been from children and schools around the books and mindfulness practices

Living and Enchanted Life: Shane B. Kulman
Bust out of creative stagnation with self expression in ways you have maybe not considered!!

In this episode of Creatively Free we explore what it may mean to cultivate a way of living an enchanting life experience by following your nudges of connection and the impulses that allow you to express your creative self!

WATCH: http://bit.ly/CreativelyFreeTV
LISTEN: http://bit.ly/CreativelyFreePodcast

My guest, Enchantress Shane B. Kulman MS, is a renowned mentor for creative and sensitive men and women, dedicated to helping them live an extraordinary and enchanting life. With a deep sense of knowing and a passion for guiding others, Shane has built a reputation as a transformative force in the field of personal growth and self-development.

As a published author and advice columnist, Shane has touched the lives of many with her wisdom and guidance. She is also a soul burlesque performance artist, captivating audiences with her mesmerizing performances that celebrate the power of self-expression and authenticity.
Learn more at: www.enchantedembodiment.com

Highlights include:

🌸What does it take to live creatively free?
🌸How following your impulses can create deeper meaning, authentic relationships and genuine connection
🌸How she has pulled together her background in education, dance, theater and improv to create ways for people to deeply connect and open to more embodiment
🌸How she has helped autistic children and their parents come together in the spirit of play
🌸How she uses “No” based Improv to mimic life’s drama in safe ways so that her clients can feel different parts of themselves and integrate them

We are delighted to be recognized by FeedSpot’s top 40 Creativity Podcast

From Addiction to Creative Agency with Will Devine

Have you ever been addicted to a substance? For nearly every American, the answer is yes! (Sugar, caffeine…)
But the temptation to addiction far more destructive has been socially normalized in our society. And, it’s personally affected those I’ve loved in very destructive ways.

In this episode of Creatively Free we dive deep into the world of recovery, the call to adventure and how addiction can take you out of your sense of aliveness in the world.

Will Devine is a practicing recovery coach whose approach is to help his clients tap into their creative agency to recover more holistically. Will teaches various tools that apply a whole brain approach to recovery. Will has overcome Alcohol Use Disorder and Depression by practicing mindfulness and neuroplasticity techniques. Will has studied how neuroplasticity mingled with mindfulness can increase a person’s confidence and innovativeness in recovery as well as help them transform their lives. Will has studied a few complementary alternatives such as Meditation, Juggling, Inner Changing and Neurolinguistic Programming and loves to teach them to people. Will lives in Salida, Colorado, where he works for a recovery agency and does a lot of hiking and hot-spring soaking in his spare time. 

Contact Will on Facebook / Instagram: willdevinerecov

Highlights include:

🌸 Ordinary world- what was it like?
🌸Were there ever “call’s to adventure” into the new world of recovery?
🌸 Why is it so difficult for you and others to answer that call?
🌸 Why do you think some people answer that call and others don’t?
🌸 What is recovery, actually? 
🌸 What are some of the tools he uses, that others can use, in order to move into a more creative and self-directed state of recovery?

For more magic from Creatively Free or to work wtih Ariel visit http://www.CreativelyFree.live

We are delighted to be recognized by FeedSpot’s top 40 Creativity Podcast

Money's Tie to Creativity with Hanna Bier
In this episode of Creatively Free we cover the magical way it is possible to rewire your money stories and unlock true creative flow and abundance in your life.

My guest, Hanna Bier works with ambitious women all over the world to recreate their relationship with money in a life-affirming, positive and loving way. 

As an energy healer, family-constellation expert and certified life coach, she has woven her diverse skill set into a proven, and innovative capacity to allow her clients to transform their relationship with money from the inside out. Hanna spent seven years trying to answer the question: Is it possible to create wealth without compromising our health, wellness and/or happiness. Can we actually create abundant lives while living a life of joy?

Happily, the answer is a resounding YES. And this is the work she now does with clients. 
Website: https://www.hannabier.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hannamoneybliss/
Free Gift: The Money Bliss Subliminal: https://www.hannabier.com/subliminal
Hanna's new book: Wealth From Within: https://www.hannabier.com/book

Highlights include:

* Why are our money issues so linked to our childhood ages 0-7?
* Why is money and love a similar topic?
* What are the lies women are told about money?
* Why is money such an uncomfortable subject for women?
* Why is it hard to feel creative when you have money challenges?
* What’s money bliss?
* What are some simple steps you can take today to shift your relationship with money?
* How does healing your trauma and your generational trauma help your relationship with money?

Live in the Energy of Play! with Sharon Calderon
“It’s not necessarily the action that you’re taking. It's the attitude in which you are taking the action that is the play part.” - Sharon Calderon

In this episode of Creatively Free we dive into the reasons why play is THE antidote to the modern culture of seriousness, consumption and stagnation. Dive in deep because it just might spark your inner child’s JOY factor!

Sharon Calderon is no stranger to living a life she loves on purpose!  She's a certified life coach, play educator, passionate activist, and proud momma of two pretty cool kiddos.

As a native San Antonian, she carries the warm spirit of her community into her mission, embodying the mantra that “play brings us together”. Through her own life experiences with adversity, she has discovered how the power of reclaiming play and recognizing the importance of emotional nourishment are keys to helping overcome life’s most challenging situations.

What sets Sharon apart is her innovative, compassionate, and evidence-based approach, skillfully merging the realms of play and trauma to help others live vibrant, resilient lives. She truly believes that by embracing play in every area of our lives, we will individually and collectively, positively revolutionize the way we learn, love, and live.

“Instead of trying to escape, we are trying to expand. What fills me up? What drives me forward?” - Sharon Calderon
Check out her work at: https://linktr.ee/shar.ingcreations
Instagram handle: @shar.ingcreations

Highlights include:

🌸 What is play, anyway?
🌸 Why do we lose sight of it as adults and how can we find it again?
🌸 What types of play are there?
🌸 Can play be a way of clearing trauma?
🌸 How we can use play to expand instead of using it to escape
🌸 And more!!

Rebalance How You Work & Ethical Marketing with Karna Liv Nau
In this episode with my guest Karna Liv Nau, Alignment Marketing Specialist, we dive into the practical and the existential about creativity and feeling the richness of aliveness.

Karna collaborates with leaders with an impactful message who want to detox from outdated business practices, embrace their uniqueness as an asset in the market, and make money while making a difference. Her work centers on helping her clients cultivate a thriving Marketing Ecosystem to get traction, joy, and sales from marketing instead of frustration, feeling inauthentic, and creatively stifled.

Check out Karna’s free gift: ChatGPT 101 for Soulpreneurs
How to use Chat GPT ethically as your free marketing assistant in 4 easy steps.

Highlights include:

🌸 What alignment is in life and marketing and why it matters
🌸 How ethical marketing is only the way to go
🌸 How to discover what you want to create and prioritize your creativity
🌸 How to align yourself to the right fit way of showcasing your business
🌸 Why it make sense to want the stability of a job and yet COVID and the gig economy is forcing us to really take a look at how we live and earn
🌸 Embracing your legacy as your way of being
🌸 Self care and how to prioritize your joy
🌸 What it feels like to create for its own sake
🌸 Why choosing creativity and aliveness in life is the medicine for our times

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